Products and Solutions


AerosphereSuite is a feature-rich, device-agnostic, cloud enabled intelligent end-to-end software platform that provides secured and seamless converged communications for business jets over satellite networks. It dynamically monitors network behaviors to … Read more


  Skylar is a highly secured, standard-based mobile VoIP softphone that works over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. Skylar’s satellite network-friendly special audio codec algorithm and intelligent network quality sensing capability … Read more


Next Generation Smart Cabin Router (NEXT) is a device-agnostic multi-function voice, data and video communication software platform that has all the necessary components to build a customized smart aviation grade … Read more


ACG-901 is an advanced and intelligent gateway solution that creates a bridge between legacy airborne communication interfaces and next generation IP world. In order to support legacy systems ACG-901 seamlessly integrates … Read more


  Aeronautical Ground Communication Gateway (AGCG) provides a comprehensive and powerful platform for delivering IP Telephony applications based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) and … Read more


X2SatNet is a global connectivity service: a cloud-based world-wide virtual number (DID) and VoIP origination & termination platform designed specifically for SATCOM service providers to help increase their offerings with lower … Read more


  iOp is an intelligent and real-time virtual operation center used to manage, monitor and support aircrafts without sending an onsite technical support team. It brings aircraft equipment and device data to … Read more


Finally, a reliable way to connect fax machines to VoIP. sFAX uses secure and very light-weight protocol to reliably send faxes in real-time over any data connection (Internet, Cellular, and … Read more


iLink is a peer to peer tunnel over a GRE implementation which Reduces TCP/UDP/RTP bandwidth consumption HTTP / HTTPs traffic acceleration and reduced bandwidth consumption It employs opportunistic buffering to … Read more